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Callaway Epic Flash Star. Von Jan Langenbein, Foto(s): Callaway. Bei Callaway haben sich die Verantwortlichen dazu entschieden, dem eigenen Designteam. Der Epic Flash Star Driver bietet mit Callaways renommierten Flash-Face- und Jailbreak-Technologien eine bemerkenswerte Leistung. Worin besteht der wesentliche Unterschied zum "normalen " flash? Gewicht wird beim Star mit g angegeben, beim normalen wird es nicht angeführt. Gibt es. Die neue Epic Flash Star Familie von Callaway beinhaltet Driver, Fairway-Hölzer, Hybrids und Eisen. Callaways neue Epic Flash Star Familie. Vom Driver bis zum Eisen – ein ganzes Set voller Top-Produkte aus dem Hause Callaway. Equipment - August

Flash Star

Die neue Epic Flash Star Familie von Callaway beinhaltet Driver, Fairway-Hölzer, Hybrids und Eisen. Der neue Callaway Flash Star Driver verfügt über all die bewährten Vorteile des Epic Flash - die Flash Face-Technologie zusammen mit der mit der. Callaway Epic Flash Star. Von Jan Langenbein, Foto(s): Callaway. Bei Callaway haben sich die Verantwortlichen dazu entschieden, dem eigenen Designteam. Die Epic Flash Star Serie von Callaway umfasst Driver, Fairwayhölzer, Hybrids und Eisen in verschiedenen Ausführungen. Wir beraten Sie. Der Epic Flash Star Driver wiegt insgesamt Gramm und ist damit 50 Gramm leichter als der Epic Flash Standard Driver, der Gramm auf die Waage. Der neue Callaway Flash Star Driver verfügt über all die bewährten Vorteile des Epic Flash - die Flash Face-Technologie zusammen mit der mit der. Die Callaway Epic Forged Star-Eisen bieten maximale Distanz durch die optimale Kombination aus Geschwindigkeit, Spin, Ballflug und ultraleichten. Flash Star

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УКРАЛИ 1000 ДОСТАВОК С ПИЦЦОЙ!!! Damen Herren Wintermützen. Gewicht wird beim Star mit Bacs Bank Transfer angegeben, beim normalen wird es nicht angeführt. Diese Technologien werden ergänzt durch eine Kombination von ultraleichten, Ultra-Premium-Schäften und -Griffen, durch die das Gesamtgewicht des Drivers im Vergleich zu konventionellen Metallhölzern und Eisen drastisch verringert werden Buben Spiele. Neues T2C Triaxial Carbon-Material in der Krone für einen niedrigeren Schwerpunkt und einfachen Abflug Das neue T2C Triaxial Carbon-Gewebe wurde enger gewebt, um Gewicht einzusparen, das wiederum innerhalb des Kopfes umverteilt werden konnte, um den Schwerpunkt abzusenken, und so einen einfachen Abflug zu unterstützen. Ebenso geben wir diese Daten auch nicht Stargames Zuschauer Google weiter. Wir haben die ja auch gar nicht! Flash-Face-Technologie für hohe Ballgeschwindigkeit Die Ingenieure von Callaway haben künstliche Intelligenz und maschinelles Book Of Ra Kostenlos Spielen Ohne Anmeldung Und Ohne verwendet, um ein radikal neues Schlagflächen-Design zu erschaffen, das eine noch schnellere Ballgeschwindigkeit auf der gesamten Schlagfläche erzeugt. Zur Kategorie Taschen. Alle verfügbaren Schlägergriffe finden Sie hier. Lagerstatus: Lagerstand: Dieser Artikel erscheint am. Lagerstatus: Lagerstand: Sofort versandfertig. Beschreibung Fragen zum Artikel Codein Online Kaufen Bewertungen. Damit ist der Driver besonders für langsam schwingende Golfer ausgelegt. Wählen Sie Electron Online die gewünschte Variation aus. Harry, hol die Glaskugel!

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Popular Kenyan socialite, Vera Sidika has teased her fans with a tiny bikini A Twitter user has started an argument on the platform after he claimed that A video making rounds online captured moment an unidentified married woman g Lola Omotayo-Okoye, the wife of singer Peter Okoye, turns a year older today Moments before Crisis takes place, Nash uncovers a wall covered in symbols before a voice offers him unlimited knowledge and power in exchange for worshiping it.

Though he initially refuses, Nash ultimately relents after the voice appears to save him and is pulled into the second wall. When the Crisis begins, Nash reveals he was manipulated by the Anti-Monitor , who used him in his plot to destroy the multiverse.

As a result of freeing the malevolent being, Nash was enslaved by him and transformed into a " Pariah "; cursed to bear witness to the multiverse's destruction as penance.

Despite this, he was able to ensure the safety of seven heroes capable of stopping the Anti-Monitor before the god-like being succeeded.

Once the Anti-Monitor is defeated and the multiverse is restored, Nash is restored to his pre-Crisis self, though he is later given his memories as Pariah so he'll never forget what he did.

Other versions of Wells appear in the episode "The New Rogues": a gunslinger variant named "Hell's Wells", a steampunk -styled scientist from Earth, and a French mime.

During the fourth-season episode, "When Harry Met Harry Lothario Wells, a billionaire playboy from Earth; and Wells 2.

Also shown is a wizard variant named "Wells the Grey" from Earth During a later fourth-season episode, "Harry and the Harrisons", Cisco creates the "Council of Harrisons" consisting of the most empathetic versions of Wells from across the multiverse to comfort Harry while he was losing his intelligence: Lothario Wells who had been expelled from the Council of Wells , the Italian Sonny Wells of Earth, and the French poet H.

Wells of Earth Harrison Wells is an original character created for the series while Eobard Thawne is based on the DC Comics character of the same name.

Joseph "Joe" West portrayed by Jesse L. In season one, he is one of the few who knows Barry's secret; reluctantly becoming his partner against metahuman criminals.

Joe also gives Barry advice on his feelings for Iris. He also assists in Barry's attempts to prove Henry innocent and secretly investigate Wells after becoming suspicious of his intentions.

Joe and the team ultimately discover Wells' true identity and defeat him. He relies on Cisco's inventions to deal with the super criminals and becomes a father figure to them both.

Joe also struggles with the relationship he has with his estranged wife Francine who, unbeknownst to him, gave birth to their son Wally after she left the family.

He is initially distraught and unsure of how to be a father to Wally, but later becomes close to him. In the beginning of season three, Joe became an alcoholic who's uncommitted to his job and estranged from his children in the Flashpoint timeline.

Barry undoes it, Joe and Iris clash over him never telling her her mother was alive. However, they reconcile after Barry reveals the timeline changes.

Joe fears for Wally's life after discovering his son has dreams of being Kid Flash. After Wally becomes a speedster, however, Joe eventually accepts his son's destiny.

He begins to move on from his widowhood by dating district attorney Cecile Horton. In season four, Joe learns that Cecile is pregnant with his child.

While this causes them to experience a midlife crisis , they eventually overcome it together. When Barry is incarcerated at Iron Heights, Joe does everything he can to help prove his innocence.

By the end of the season, Cecile successfully delivers their daughter, whom they name Jenna. Prior to the shooting of season five's premiere, Martin suffered a back injury during the summer hiatus.

After shooting scenes for a few episodes involving his character sitting or lying down, he took a medical leave of absence from the show, [10] during which the character was explained as taking a leave of absence from police work to visit family members, including Wally in Cambodia, or simply to spend quality time with Jenna.

Martin eventually recovered and returned to the show before the season finale. In season six, Joe starts to investigate Joseph Carver.

Following the different attacks by Rag Doll where one had Sunshine sprung from police custody and another had Cecile's life threatened, Joe enters the witness protection program until further notice.

Barry visited Joe and informed him about what Eva did to Iris. Following the death of Joseph Carver, Joe is released from the witness protection program.

Wallace "Wally" West portrayed by Keiynan Lonsdale ; main seasons 2—4; guest season 5—present is Iris' unknown brother and Joe's son, [13] [14] described as "a bit of a wayward kid who has some attitude problems and some authority issues and is quick with a sassy remark".

Wally was born after his mother's abandonment of her family, leading Joe and Iris to be unaware of his existence for eighteen years. Wally first meets his father and sister during a Christmas party shortly before his mother dies, and he struggles to bond with Joe and Iris.

He also forms a brotherly bond with Barry Allen, although he is suspicious of Barry's weird behavior. Formerly a drag racer, Wally is enrolled at the same university Iris attended, majoring in mechanical engineering.

After repeatedly being rescued by the Flash, Wally becomes fascinated with the superhero and discovers that his father has a connection with him, but is unaware that he is Barry.

He is inspired by both his father and the Flash to help people, and as a result becomes closer to Joe. Labs, they work together to escape but are accidentally affected by the dark matter released from the attempt to restore Barry's powers; his father and Barry suspect that Wally is turning into a metahuman after the incident.

Eventually Wally discovers Barry's secrets when Zoom abducts and kills Barry's father, and fully accepts Barry after he rescues Joe from Zoom.

In the Flashpoint timeline, Wally is the Flash, [16] until he is badly injured by the rogue speedster Rival and Barry and Eobard Thawne reset the timeline.

In the post-Flashpoint timeline, Wally struggles to become a speedster after witnessing Jesse becoming one. After Alchemy seeks Wally out, Wally learns of his alternate life and uses the villain's device to gain his speed.

Wally then becomes a speedster after Caitlin stabilizes his metamorphosis, and he is eager to join Barry as his partner, Kid Flash, to both his father and sister's concerns.

Wally also assists Cisco due to his background in mechanical engineering. Barry gradually appreciates Wally's supports and asking Wally's help to save Iris from Savitar.

Though H. After Barry chooses to take Savitar's place in the Speed Force to stabilize it, he appoints Wally to be his successor as the Flash.

In the alternate , Wally sought revenge against Savitar shortly after Iris' murder but was rendered paraplegic and catatonic after the fight.

In season four, Wally leaves Central City for Blue Valley on a mission of self-discovery after Jesse breaks up with him.

He resumes his journey though, reaching China before being recruited by Rip Hunter to join the Legends in their fight against Mallus. Following the fight with the Thinker, Wally attends the party that follows the birth of his father's new daughter with Cecile Horton, and is delighted of having a younger sibling.

He tells his father about his battle to save the universe from Mallus and how he is working not to be in Barry's shadow, showing Joe his confidence as a hero.

In season five, Wally briefly helps Team Flash with keeping Nora in the present and taking down Gridlock. After some encouragement from his father and the rest of the team.

He leaves Central City to continue his mission of self-discovery. In season six, Wally is revealed to have joined the peace corps, he also warns Barry about the Speed Force dying.

Lonsdale decides that he will not be returning full-time on season five, due to his desire to seek other acting opportunities. It was always intended for Wally to be the son of Joe and brother of Iris, which differs from the character's comic history, as the producers felt it "weird" for second seasons of television series to introduce previously unmentioned cousins of established characters.

Clifford DeVoe portrayed by Neil Sandilands ; season 4 is a metahuman with superhuman intelligence, who seeks to fix all that he deems wrong with humanity as the Thinker and season four's main antagonist.

Originally a mild-mannered professor who dreamed of expanding the way people think, Clifford DeVoe used the "thinking cap" his engineer wife Marlize DeVoe built on his specifications and powered it with the dark matter wave from the S.

Labs explosion to boost his intelligence. It eventually rendered him paraplegic and with an advanced form of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis , Marlize developing a hoverchair to delay the affliction as he developed a god complex.

Having deduced Barry's imprisonment in the Speed Force, the Thinker orchestrated events that to force the Flash's return while arranging the creation of twelve new metahumans on the bus directly exposed to the resulting dark matter wave.

Barry soon learns of DeVoe's existence, the villain accepting the "Thinker" moniker Vibe invented while continuing to be steps ahead of the group.

Using Amunet Black to acquire Dominic Lanse, DeVoe transfers his consciousness into the metahuman's body Kendrick Sampson to acquire his telepathy while using his lifeless original body to frame Barry for murder.

This is the start of his personality changing for the worst as, showing indifference upon learning that Barry is exonerated, DeVoe places an extract of Weeper's tears in his wife's drink to make her more obedient.

He later transfers his mind into the body of Izzy Bowin Miranda MacDougall to acquire her powers, leaving only Ralph and four more metahumans to capture.

He then uses Elongated Man's powers to shape his body into his own so that his wife can now love all of him. After raiding an A. With help from Marlize, his plot is thwarted while his host regains control of his body when Barry's conscience enters the Thinker's mind to help fight off, during which DeVoe's good side manifests as a corpse, showing that he was truly beyond redemption.

With his original body dead and Marlize having destroyed every known means he has to sustain his survival, DeVoe no longer exists.

However, the Thinker's Enlightenment satellite plays a part in the origin of Cicada and the Meta-Tech which causes any item to grant anyone metahuman abilities.

Cecile Horton portrayed by Danielle Nicolet ; main season 5—present; guest season 1; recurring seasons 3—4 is the Central City district attorney and a close friend of Joe West.

She would give occasional legal advice to Joe in season one. Cecile and Joe begin a romantic relationship in season three and expect a child in season four.

When Barry is framed for the murder of Clifford DeVoe, Cecile acts as his defense attorney and tries to prove his innocence. After Barry is sentenced to life at Iron Heights without possibility of parole, Cecile helps Iris work on an appeal which works when Elongated Man poses as DeVoe, claiming that he woke up in the morgue.

During her pregnancy, she becomes a metahuman with telepathic and empathetic powers. In season five, Nicolet is promoted to series regular.

In season six, after Cecile witnesses the discrimination metahumans face from the city's infrastructure because of their powers and realizes the political restrictions as district attorney, she decides to resign from her position to become a defense attorney for metas in order to work more closely with them.

Cecile is loosely based upon the comic book character of the same name , the attorney that defended the Silver Age Flash during his trial for the murder of Professor Zoom.

She first appeared in The Flash Apr Ralph Dibny portrayed by Hartley Sawyer ; main season 5—6; [23] recurring season 4 is a metahuman with the ability to stretch his body to superhuman lengths and sizes.

In season one, Ralph's name was referred by Eobard Thawne of him being one of the victims killed by the particle accelerator explosion prior to the timeline change in season three.

It is later revealed in season four that Dibny committed perjury out of a misguided sense of justice rather than a desire for personal gain: he feared a suspect would get away with murder, and thus planted fake evidence.

Dibny then became a shady private detective specializing in infidelity cases. He was on the bus that was exposed to dark matter energy and became a metahuman and ally to Team Flash.

Posing as Clifford DeVoe, he appears before Judge Hankerson during Cecile and Iris' appeal, claiming that someone knocked him out and made him look dead.

This statement convinces Judge Hankerson to exonerate Barry. Elongated Man's body is later taken over by the Thinker who stretches it into his own image.

During the final battle with the Thinker, Elongated Man regains control of his body and helps defeat him. In season five, Ralph begins an investigation into Caitlin's childhood past, and helps Team Flash against the serial killer Cicada.

Ralph is the first to figure out Eobard Thawne's master plan, which earns him the praise of detective Sherloque Wells, who dubs him Team Flash's new master detective upon leaving Earth In season six, Ralph is hired to find a woman named Susan Dearbon by her parents, resulting in him traveling around the world to find her.

In his encounters with her, Ralph learned from her that Black Hole is extoring her parents as she gives him a diamond that contains the information that he needs.

Ralph later visits Sue at where she's been hiding out and shows her an article where Eva pinned the blame of Carver's death on her.

Nora West-Allen portrayed by Jessica Parker Kennedy ; main season 5; recurring season 4 is introduced as a mysterious girl with super-speed.

Afterwards, she appears at the party welcoming the daughter of Joe West and Cecile Horton, revealing herself as Barry and Iris' daughter from the future and stating that she has made a big mistake.

While using her super-speed, she initially has both yellow lightning similar to Barry and purple lightning similar to Iris when she was briefly a speedster.

Nora grew up without her father, while also not knowing that he was the Flash. She eventually begins working as a CSI like her father.

After being struck by the villain Godspeed 's lightning, Nora discovers she had a power dampening chip implanted into her in her infancy, which hid her speedster powers.

This revelation, combined with Nora finding out the truth about her father, drives a wedge between her and her mother with Nora believing that she robbed her of the choice to pursue heroics.

Nora seeks out Eobard Thawne at Iron Heights' death row, not knowing that he killed her paternal grandmother, and he eventually agrees to begin training her in her newfound powers.

Becoming a superhero, she chooses the codename XS from her mother's nickname for her, owing to her tendency to do things in excess, and takes her mother's old purple jacket from Iris's short tenure as a speedster as a part of her costume.

Thawne teaches Nora how to travel back in time so she could meet her father before his disappearance. In the present, Nora begins working alongside her parents, hunting Cicada as part of Team Flash.

She bonds with both of her parents, while also secretly reporting back to Thawne at regular intervals. When she finds out the truth about Thawne, she briefly questions her partnership with him but chooses to continue.

Though Nora spends months in the past, all of her interactions with Thawne take place within the same day in Eventually, Sherloque Wells, who has been suspicious about Nora from the start, uncovers the truth about Nora and Thawne and forces her to come clean to her parents.

Barry is particularly hurt by the revelation and sends Nora back to her time, warning her not to time travel again. However, Nora wants to finish the hunt for Cicada and asks Thawne to teach her how to tap into the Negative Speed Force to time travel without being detected by her father.

Nora succeeds in tapping into the Negative Speed Force, which turns her lightning red, and returns to After the others turn on Nora, she is saved by Barry, Iris, and Joe.

Nora makes amends with her parents with Barry agreeing to use her and Thawne's plan to destroy the dagger, especially with Iris since remaining angry with her would be hypocritical as she also kept secrets.

After the dagger is destroyed, Team Flash fights the released Thawne. Nora, corrupted by the Negative Speed Force, is about to kill Thawne but is stopped by her parents.

A new timeline begins to push itself through, threatening to erase Nora. She refuses to return to the Negative Speed Force to save herself as it would corrupt her even further and is erased from existence.

They find a video in Nora's diary where she thanks them for helping her see what it is like to be a superhero.

Later, in season six, Nora's message to her parents is destroyed by the Monitor in an attempt to dissuade Barry from fighting his predestined fate.

Her parents, while anticipating that a version of her would be born one day, have difficulty coping with the realization that it would not be the same Nora.

The two honor their daughter by recovering her speedster jacket. Cicada portrayed by Chris Klein ; main season 5 is the main antagonist of season five.

Orlin Dwyer gets his abilities after being struck by a fragment of the Thinker's satellite, with the same incident leaving his niece Grace in a coma.

Dwyer turns the fragment into a dagger that is capable of nullifying metahuman powers and which he has telekinetic control of.

Having lost his sister Grace's mother in an earlier metahuman incident, combined with the Thinker's worldwide assault, leads to Dwyer developing anti-metahuman sentiment and he vows to exterminate all metahumans, including himself once he is finished.

Dwyer appears throughout the fifth season, attacking and killing metahumans, with Team Flash dubbing him "Cicada". Secretly, Dwyer is aided by Dr.

Ambres, who looks after not only him, but also Grace. When it is discovered that Grace has also become a metahuman, Dwyer agrees to take the metahuman cure developed by S.

Labs as it could also be used to cure Grace. After Dwyer has lost his powers, a new Cicada attacks S. Labs and abducts him; later revealing herself as an adult Grace, who has traveled back in time to finish her uncle's mission.

Having had a change of heart, Dwyer tries to get Grace to abandon her plan, which leads to her killing him. While dying in Flash's arms, Dwyer tells him to save Grace.

When Nora West-Allen enters Grace's mind in the season finale to convince her to take the metahuman cure, she is met by two Orlins; one that tries to kill her and another who supports her.

Eventually the good side of Orlin and Nora manage to convince Grace to abandon her anti-metahuman feelings and take the cure, resulting in a new timeline upon the destruction of Cicada's dagger that erases adult Grace and Nora.

Monitor portrayed by LaMonica Garrett ; main season 6; guest season 5 is a Multiversal being who uses the Book of Destiny to test Earths to see if they are capable of facing an upcoming crisis.

Based on the DC Comics character Monitor. In season six, Monitor appears before Barry Allen and Iris West-Allen stating that Flash will make the "ultimate sacrifice" in the upcoming "crisis", adding that in order for billions to survive, the Flash must die.

He is restored to life with the reboot of the Multiverse at the end of the Crisis, shown alive in the year The Anti-Monitor portrayed by LaMonica Garrett ; main season 6 is a Multiversal Being who plots to destroy all the Earths in the multiverse with his anti-matter powers so that only the anti-matter universe remains.

When the particle accelerator exploded, Eva was knocked into her mirror by its energy and trapped in the "Mirrorverse".

After she discovered Carver had used her technology for to create the criminal organization, Black Hole, she sought revenge.

Over the course of six years, she developed and honed the ability to manipulate mirror shards and travel through reflective surfaces.

During her final year in the Mirrorverse, she brought Iris, Kamilla, and Chief Singh in with her and created mirror duplicates of them to help her secure the means to escape safely.

Once she escaped, Eva weakened the Flash and coerced Carver's metahumans into joining her before using her abilities to destroy Black Hole's resources, kill Carver, and retake her company.

Following this, she went public, claiming that Sue Dearbon had killed Carver after saving her from a crime syndicate who held her hostage for six years.

This is a list of recurring actors and the characters they portrayed in multiple episodes, which were significant roles, sometimes across multiple seasons.

The characters are listed, in alphabetical order by actor, by the season in which they first appeared.

He survived the accident, which merged him with Martin Stein and the F. Though Firestorm is Ronnie's body, it is Stein who remains in control for most of their existence, with Ronnie occasionally taking control for brief moments.

They eventually learn to control their shared powers, including an ability to separate themselves at will. Ronnie marries Caitlin.

In season two Ronnie dies and sacrifices himself to stop the singularity above Central City. He helps Barry in hand-to-hand combat and other skills to turn Barry into a capable combatant with or without powers.

Amell stars as the character on Arrow. General Wade Eiling portrayed by Clancy Brown [34] is a general with an interest in metahumans, who wants to use them for the U.

Army, and has a history with S. Eiling learns of Barry Allen's identity as the Flash, however, Eobard Thawne gives the general to Grodd to be placed under the gorilla's control.

After being freed by the Flash, he and Barry form a grudging respect despite their enmity. Martin Stein portrayed by Victor Garber is a nuclear physicist focused on transmutation, based on the DC Comics character of the same name and is also half of the character Firestorm.

They learn to control their shared powers, including an ability to separate themselves at will. Professor Stein also subsequently gives Barry Allen and Eddie Thawne some insight on the possibility of time travel and their respective destinies.

In season two, Stein becomes a member of Team Flash and the group's scientific advisor following Eobard Thawne's demise. He also discovers Cisco Ramon's secret as a metahuman and encourages him to accept his powers.

When it turns out that his body is unstable as a consequence of the combination of the dark matter with Stein's own matrix, Stein gains a new partner in Jefferson "Jax" Jackson.

In season three, Stein discovers that he now has a daughter, Lily Stein, due to both Barry's and his own respective time-traveling actions; he never had a child due to his fear of being as neglectful as his father and his past commitments to his work prior to the timeline's reset.

In season four, Stein is killed when he tries to escape from Earth-X with Barry and other heroes. Nora also appears as one of the Speed Force manifestations that helps Barry get to terms with her death.

In season four, Warden Wolfe oversees the incarceration of Kilgore. After his hidden camera enables him to figure out that Barry is the Flash, Wolfe has Barry transferred to Iron Heights' metahuman wing.

Wolfe is killed by Clifford DeVoe while stealing the abilities of the metahumans that Wolfe was going to sell to Amunet. Mayor Van Buren believes that Wolfe died a hero until Iris' blog exposes his illegal activities.

Wolfe is later succeeded by Del Toro. He becomes suspicious of Eobard Thawne and finds evidence of Simon Stagg's murder. Mason is killed by the Reverse-Flash and all evidence erased, but his disappearance leads Barry and Joe to discover he was murdered for learning about Thawne.

When Iris begins looking into Mason's disappearance, Eddie Thawne covers with a story, but Iris eventually learns the truth.

The character was originally portrayed by Olivia Cheng in a cameo appearance on the series Arrow. Eobard duplicated the reaction and be a speedster, only to learn that he was destined to become the Flash's greatest enemy and grew to despise his idol.

Eobard became the "reverse" of everything the Flash was and the two enemies encountered each other over years, neither strong enough to defeat the other.

At one point, Reverse-Flash who had traveled to vanishes with the Flash in the midst of a "crisis". Discovering the Flash's identity, Eobard murders Nora Allen after a failed attempt to kill Barry as a child, but loses his connection to the Speed Force and gets stranded in the past.

Flashbacks from season one reveal he takes on Dr. Harrison Wells's appearance and manipulates events in an attempt to return to his time period; Eddie sacrifices himself in the first-season finale, causing Eobard to be erased from existence.

However, Eobard's existence survives this erasure. Eobard's first chronological appearance occurs during season two; the Reverse-Flash travels back in time to , encountering the Flash for the first time from Eobard's perspective.

In the midst of using Tina McGee's "speed machine" construction to return to his time period, he suffers a severe beating from the Flash.

While being briefly imprisoned at S. Labs, he comes to know about some of his own future actions after interactions with the Flash, Cisco Ramon and Harry Wells, but is sent back home to prevent a time paradox.

In the second-season finale, the Flash travels back to prevent the Reverse-Flash from murdering Nora, altering significant events. In season three's premiere, Eobard is imprisoned by Barry while they're both in the Flashpoint timeline.

Trying to convince his nemesis to restore the reality they both know, Barry gives in after realizing the new timeline's dangers.

The Reverse-Flash is released to murder Nora, which supposedly "fixes" the timeline. Eobard then brings Barry back to a slightly different timeline and leaves but not before taunting his nemesis, implying his awareness that the timeline is not reset exactly.

It is later revealed that this iteration is a temporal duplicate of the original who subsequently appears on Legends of Tomorrow to rewrite reality to stabilize his existence but is erased from existence again by the Black Flash.

In season four, Eobard miraculously returns during the " Crisis on Earth-X " crossover, once again wearing Wells' face.

Having allied himself with Nazi-ruled Earth-X's Dark Arrow Oliver Queen's doppelgänger and Overgirl Kara Danvers' doppelgänger , he returns to Earth-1 in an attempt to take it over, but disappears after his accomplices are killed.

In season five, it's revealed Eobard's powers are from his own version of the Speed Force the Negative Speed Force which Barry cannot detect when he time travels and is immune to timeline changes, thus how he survived his erasures.

After learning of Eobard's involvement and returning Nora to , Barry confronts Eobard at his cell, stating that he is about to get what he deserves.

Throughout their interactions, Eobard seems to have developed some feelings for Nora and Iris West-Allen comes to believe that he is trying to redeem himself with Barry eventually accepting his plan of how to destroy Cicada's power-dampening dagger.

It is then revealed that the same dagger is being used in to dampen Eobard's powers. When Cicada's dagger is destroyed, Eobard is released.

He is subdued by Team Flash, but manages to escape after the group is preoccupied trying to save Nora from being erased by a new timeline. In season six, due to the Crisis however, he was fused with Nash Wells.

In the months following the event, he slowly asserted control over Nash's body and regained his connection to the Negative Speed Force. However, Team Flash caught on to him before the latter, and built a device to "exorcise" him from Nash.

Despite his best efforts, Thawne was defeated once more and left without a body to possess. In season one, she shares a mutual attraction with Cisco Ramon who she initially kidnapped for her brother and coerced into creating a gun that turns things into gold, but later becomes genuinely fond of Cisco.

Lisa later helped her brother free the metahuman criminals in the Pipeline. In season two, Lisa sought Team Flash's help when her brother was found to be working for their abusive father Lewis Snart later revealed to be due to her father threatening her life.

Having similar powers to his sibling Clyde, Mark returns to Central City seeking revenge on Joe West for killing his brother. Labs prison before being set free by Leonard Snart and offered a place in his crew the "Rogues".

Mark murdered Patty Spivot's father during a bank robbery with his brother months prior to the particle accelerator's explosion.

He remains nursing his grudge against both Joe West and the Flash. Labs, a weapon Cisco created as a failsafe to stop the Flash.

He extorts Flash's identity from Cisco and later becomes leader of his crew which Barry dubs the " Rogues ". Barry later asks Snart to assist the transport of metahumans from Central City to Lian Yu, for which Snart wants his criminal record erased.

Snart kills Simmons who he claims owed him money. Leonard is later extorted into working for his father, Lewis Snart, when he plants a bomb inside Lisa's head.

After Team Flash successfully remove it, Leonard kills Lewis out of spite and is arrested for his father's murder. He is later broken out by Mardon to get revenge on Barry but declines and warns Barry of Mardon's plans.

Snart had a part in turning Sam Scudder and Rosa Dillon into metahumans. When they come to seek revenge, Barry reveals that Snart is traveling with friends of theirs called the Legends.

During the alien attack , the Legends appear, prompting Barry to ask Snart's whereabouts; it is said that Snart sacrificed himself to save the team, proving to be a hero.

Months later, Barry recruits Snart from a point in time where he was traveling with the Legends in an attempt to steal Dominator technology from A.

The two succeed and Snart is returned to the Legends. Tina McGee portrayed by Amanda Pays [46] is a friend of Harrison Wells Earth-1 version , she is the director of Mercury Labs and the designer of the tachyon devices which allows any object to move at the speed of light.

During seasons one and two, McGee has run-ins with Eobard Thawne involving her tachyon equipment and is aware of Barry Allen's secret. In season four off screen , she is a member of Cisco Ramon's team to bring the Flash back from the Speed Force.

Pays reprises the character from the s TV series. However, Mick's obsession for maximum destruction and failure to think causes tensions with Snart tempted to kill him.

Ramsey stars as the character on Arrow. When provoked, her ancient warrior persona manifests itself, along with wings that grow out of her back.

Felicity Smoak portrayed by Emily Bett Rickards [51] is an information-technology genius and a member of Oliver Queen's team; later his wife.

Also a good friend of Barry Allen. Rickards stars as the character on Arrow. He reveals that by being a detective, he has figured out that Barry is the Flash.

In season six, Singh advises Joe to go into the witness protection program after the latter is attacked by the supervillain Rag Doll.

After Joe does so, Singh is shown to have been replaced with a mirror clone being controlled by Eva McCulloch. After Mirror Kamilla sacrifices herself to open Bloodwork's cell, Mirror Iris gets the blood through the most unlikely way as Mirror Singh works to cover up the power failure.

Eva mentioned to Iris that the real Kamilla and Singh are in the Mirrorverse. When Iris finds the real Kamilla, she states that they need to find the real Singh before they can work on a way to get out of the Mirrorverse.

Mirror Singh was sent to destroy a Black Hole storehouse. Shipp previously portrayed Barry Allen in the television series. Only his son Barry and later Joe West believe his innocence.

Throughout season one, he learns that Barry is the Flash and is proud of his son. Henry serves as Barry's moral conscience in using these powers wisely, thus keeping Barry from being tempted by personal gains.

In season two, Henry is released from prison due to Eobard's confession to Nora's murder. However, he leaves Central City to seek a reclusive life as he believes that his presence could hold back Barry's duties as the Flash.

He returns to counsel Barry and offer encouragement after his son's disastrous fight with Hunter Zolomon, then returns to seclusion.

When Barry is de-powered, Henry joins S. Labs to help in Barry's fight to save the world from Zoom. Henry is killed by Zolomon in order for Barry to relive the same tragedy went through when Nora was killed by the Reverse-Flash.

Following his death, Henry's Earth-3 doppelgänger, Jay Garrick, takes over in mentoring Barry on power and responsibility. Grodd voiced by David Sobolov [54] is a hyper-intelligent gorilla with telepathic powers as a result of being experimented on by General Eiling under the watch of Eobard Thawne.

He is sent to the Gorilla City on Earth-2 by Flash and later plans an attack to Central City with an army of the gorillas like him. Grodd later returns and mind-controls Cisco Ramon and Caitlin Snow into stealing Tanya Lamden's telepathy crown in his plot to take control of the minds of Central City.

It is later mentioned by Lyla that Grodd has been placed in a medically-induced coma in a special cell that would adapt to his growing mental powers.

In season six, Grodd is still an induced coma when Barry is accidentally placed in his mind. While voicing his knowledge of the Crisis, Grodd states that he found out that Gorilla City is now on Earth-Prime and wants to return to it.

In order to get past the gatekeeper, represented as a mental copy of Solovar, Grodd and Flash had to work together.

Once that was done and Barry is back in his mind, Caitlin arranges for Grodd to be released on probation as Lyla places a tracking chip in him so that Team Flash will know where to find him if he returns to villainy.

With her father, Jesse seeks refuge on Earth-1 and she leaves for Opal City after discovering the lengths Harry will take to keep her safe. Jesse returns after her father is kidnapped and works with the S.

Jesse and Wally are affected by dark matter when Harry attempts to restore Barry's speed; Barry later brings her out of her coma. Following Zoom's defeat, Jesse returns to Earth-2 with her father.

Months later Jesse exhibits speedster abilities and aspires to help people, though her father disapproves. After she helps Barry stop Magenta, Harry becomes more encouraging and has Cisco make her a speedster suit.

Jesse and Wally admit their feelings, and have a long-distance relationship until she breaks up with Wally. Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg said, in season one "with the Reverse-Flash, we just modulated Tom Cavanagh's voice, and this year we wanted to do something a little bit different [for Zoom].

Part of the mystery of the season is who or what is underneath the Zoom outfit, and so we wanted to do something like James Earl Jones as Darth Vader — this iconic voice coming out of this mask.

Dissatisfied, he sought to increase his speed with the Velocity serum but soon discovered it carried a fatal illness. Searching for a cure, he traveled the multiverse and captured Jay Garrick.

Unsuccessful in stealing Jay's speed to cure himself, Hunter kept Jay imprisoned with a speed-dampening mask.

Inspired to be both hero and villain, he used Jay's name as the fraudulent Flash of Earth-2 to instill false hope which he would take away as Zoom. Discovering Earth-1, he plotted to increase Barry's speed and then steal it, sending various metahumans from Earth-2 to fight the Flash while also infiltrating the team as Jay.

He also becomes Caitlin Snow's love interest. After succeeding in stealing Barry's speed, Zoom brings his army of Earth-2 metahumans to conquer Earth-1 and construct a device capable of destroying the other Earths in the multiverse, to ensure he remains the only speedster.

Hunter seeks to corrupt Caitlin's mind into being like Earth-2 Killer Frost and then Barry's by killing Henry in the same spot Eobard killed Nora, convinced that they are similar because of their childhood traumas.

However, Barry ultimately bests Hunter in their final fight and summons two Time Wraiths to punish him for his crimes against the timeline; they transform him into the corpse-like Black Flash enslaved to the Speed Force.

Subjugated to the Time Wraiths, the Black Flash made occasional appearances in season three, such as to hurt Savitar before being killed by Earth-1 Killer Frost.

Hunter Zolomon held Jay captive in a failed attempt to harness his speed before becoming inspired to take up his persona and falsely operate as the Flash of Earth-2; even going so far as to use Jay's name.

To keep him from escaping, Zolomon forced Jay to wear a mask that suppressed his speed and prevented him from talking. After Zoom's defeat, Barry rescues Jay, who soon returns to his Earth.

Jay adopts Hunter's Flash helmet as a symbol of hope, taking satisfaction in taking something from Zoom as the villainous speedster had done to him.

Knowing this, Jay watches over Barry as a sympathetic yet stern mentor, and a friendship develops.

After undoing Flashpoint and trying to fix the mistakes left in its wake, he explains to Barry that time travel can have adverse consequences and that Barry must live with these mistakes.

Jay also helps Barry come to terms with Henry's death and in battling Savitar. After being freed, Jay joins Team Flash in the final battle to defeat Savitar.

By season six, Jay has retired and settled down with his wife, Joan. Based on the DC Comics character of the same name.

She believes that having superhuman power brings out the best or the worst in people, and acknowledges the Flash's heroism. Her hatred for Mark stems from survivor's guilt ; when she was a teenager, she was supposed to make the deposit at the bank where her father died.

When Patty gets her chance at revenge on Mark, the Flash persuades her to choose justice over vengeance. She also deduces Barry's secret identity and offers to stay if Barry confirms his feelings for her, but Barry admits nothing, not wanting to stop Patty from pursuing her studies.

Patty surreptitiously does get Barry to reveal the Flash persona to her as she departs Central City, thus ending their relationship on good terms.

Francine West portrayed by Vanessa A. After settling in Keystone City and following Wally's birth, Francine becomes sober from her addiction and a good mother to her son.

After being diagnosed with MacGregor's syndrome a terminal illness related to substance abuse , she tries to reconcile with her family and to entrust Wally to them before she dies.

Joe and Iris forgive Francine on her deathbed and accept Wally as part of the family. Savitar later uses Francine's likeness to agitate Wally.

They met after Barry accidentally breached the dimensional barrier separating his and Kara's universes when testing a tachyon device see " Worlds Finest ".

Supergirl proves herself as a trusted ally after she travels to Earth-1 to help its heroes resist an alien invasion, and Oliver Queen and Barry entrusted her with a device that enables her to travel and communicate between her universe and theirs.

She and her allies occasionally join Barry and other Earth-1 heroes on missions. Benoist reprises the role from Supergirl. In season 6, Gypsy is murdered by Echo, Cisco's Earth doppelganger.

She was later avenged when Cisco defeated Echo and had him arrested by the Collectors. Tracy Brand portrayed by Anne Dudek is an eccentric doctoral student who studies speedsters with "a smorgasbord of quirky idiosyncrasies".

Tracy later aligns herself with Team Flash to fulfill her destiny against Savitar and becomes a love interest of H. Wells in the process.

She later witnesses H. It is also implied she received her PhD and is now working as a scientist. As Alchemy, he is an acolyte of Savitar who unlocks the potential in metahumans from the Flashpoint timeline in preparation for a future event.

Julian is not aware he is Alchemy, and that he only assumes the guise while being unconsciously possessed by Savitar.

Julian and Caitlin Snow develop a romantic relationship. Amunet Black portrayed by Katee Sackhoff is a metahuman crime lord who operates an underground black market for metahuman supervillains and the ex-lover of Goldface.

Amunet convinced Caitlin Snow to work with her, promising her a cure. Caitlin later leaves her employ, but Amunet repeatedly tries to coerce Caitlin back to her side.

Team Flash later forms a truce with Amunet when her henchman Norvok plots to sell her metal shards. During this time, she theorizes that Caitlin could not access Killer Frost due to a placebo effect.

After making a device for Team Flash to use against the Thinker's Enlightenment device, Amunet escapes in a metallic tornado.

In season 6, largely unaffected by the Crisis, Amunet returns when she engages Goldface in a turf war as both of them were after the Rappaccini's Daughter flower.

The Flash stops them by releasing pollen from said flower, causing the two crime lords to hear what they really think about each other.

Matthew Norvock portrayed by Mark Sweatman is a metahuman henchman of Amunet Black, whose prosthetic right eye hides a tentacle-like appendage that he uses as a weapon.

He later appears in season 5 as one of the metahumans Cicada is hunting and in season 6 helping Killer Frost track down Bloodwork.

After being controlled by Spin in season 5, Jones leaks the names of several meta-humans to Cicada. When Cecile Horton figures it out, Singh has an angered Jones arrested.

She watches over Grace Gibbons and reluctantly protects Orlin Dwyer, even stealing drugs from the ER to help him deal with the injury in his chest.

After helping Team Flash cure him, Dr. Ambres is killed by an adult Grace dressed as Cicada. They later learn that in his attempt to cure his ALS, he became a cryogenic metahuman with an evil personality like Caitlin.

When most of Team Flash start to freeze, Caitlin proves to be immune just before Killer Frost reemerges. Father and daughter engage in an ice battle.

After Thomas's personality briefly surfaces, Icicle knocks Killer Frost back and gets away. Icicle later returns with a plan to eliminate Caitlin and her mother Carla's human sides.

He is about to kill Caitlin, when Thomas Snow suddenly finds the strength to return to his human form. When Caitlin is attacked by Cicada, Thomas sacrifices himself to save his daughter's life.

Grace Gibbons portrayed by Islie Hirvonen as a pre-teen, Sarah Carter as an adult is the orphaned niece of Orlin Dwyer who lost her parents in a metahuman incident.

She was placed in a coma after being caught in the Enlightenment Satellite's falling debris, which also affected her uncle.

Later, when Nora West-Allen XS enters Grace's mind, it is revealed that she is consciously aware of what's happening despite her comatose state because a tiny shard from the satellite affected her brain; turning her into a metahuman and forming a mental barrier to prevent further invasions.

Trapped in her painful memories and negative emotions, Grace now shares her uncle's hatred of all metahumans despite being one and is implied to be even more powerful than him.

Now she declares war against the Flash and XS, vowing to make them pay by any means necessary. When Orlin is cured of his metahuman abilities, an adult Grace attacks S.

Labs, kills Dr. Ambres, and abducts him. The adult Grace comes from a future where metahumans thrive, so she has taken up the mantle of Cicada upon awaking from her coma to complete her uncle's mission of killing them all.

She first targets Vickie Bolen, a metahuman who accidentally caused her parents' death. During her fight with the Flash, Grace is confronted by her uncle, who tries to reason with her, which leads to her killing him before fleeing.

As Orlin dies in Flash's arms, he tells him to save Grace. Grace later kidnaps her younger self from the hospital. She then crashes the battle between Team Flash and Icicle, stealing the cryo-atomizer Icicle had stolen earlier.

She then steals prototype versions of S. Labs' metahuman cure, which she can weaponize into a lethal version with the cryo-atomizer.

Nora re-enters Grace's mind and with a version of Orlin successfully convinces her to abandon her anti-metahuman feelings. Meanwhile, the adult Grace ceases to exist after the Flash destroys her dagger with a Mirror Gun.

Present day Grace is mentioned to have been placed in a foster home. He is in charge of Eobard Thawne's cell in the meta-human wing. Kamilla Hwang portrayed by Victoria Park is a bartender and aspiring photographer that Cisco starts dating after breaking up with Gypsy.

Following this, she gets a job as a photographer for the Central City Citizen under Iris West-Allen and provides occasional assistance at S.

After Cisco took a leave of absence from Team Flash, Kamilla took a more active role by filling in for him in certain areas until he returned.

While working late at the Citizen however, she discovered evidence that Iris had been replaced by a mirror clone. Before she could alert the rest of Team Flash, the clone shot her with McCulloch Technologies' mirror gun while Eva McCulloch created a mirror clone of her so their enemies wouldn't get suspicious.

Mirror Kamilla sacrifices herself to briefly open Bloodwork's cell. Eva mentions to Iris that the real Kamilla and Singh are in the Mirrorverse somewhere.

Iris manages to find Kamilla. Before they can work on a way to get out of the Mirrorverse, Kamilla is told by Iris that they need to find Singh first.

Ramsey Rosso portrayed by Sendhil Ramamurthy is a physician with a genius intellect, the world's leading expert on hematological oncology and a former colleague of Caitlin Snow, who is turned into the villain Bloodwork by his desire to defy the laws of nature.

Though he ran numerous simulations that showed otherwise, he was turned into a metahuman after testing the cure on himself as he was also dying of HLH.

In his pursuit to cure himself, he discovered he could use his abilities to transform people into zombie-like monsters by draining their blood and manipulate them.

After learning adrenaline-filled blood worked best, he killed dozens of people to increase his strength before eventually attacking the Flash.

With the speedster under his control, he attempted to convert all of Central City into his "Blood Brothers and Sisters", only to be foiled by Team Flash's teamwork.

Though he transformed into a blood monster and nearly killed the Flash in retaliation, the speedster was able to trap him in a special machine previously used to contain Chester Runk's black hole-based powers before remanding him to A.

Months later, Eva McCulloch sent her mirror clones to get a sample of Rosso's blood and break him out, but he only agreed to the former; choosing to stay imprisoned to work on his own plan.

Chester P. Runk portrayed by Brandon McKnight is a scientist who accidentally opened a black hole that fused with his consciousness, leaving him in a catatonic state while the black hole appeared in places that held an emotional attachment for him.

Eventually, the Flash rescued his consciousness from the black hole and placed it back into his body, closing it for good. After stabilizing for several weeks, Chester is able to start putting his life back together with Cecile Horton's help as well as provide assistance to Team Flash.

McKnight was promoted to the main cast for season 7. Allegra Garcia portrayed by Kayla Compton is a young metahuman with abilities based on the electromagnetic spectrum who wants to become a reporter ever since she saw Iris' article on the "Streak" the latter's original name for the Flash.

Despite coming from a criminal background and having been previously incarcerated in Iron Heights, Cecile was able to help Allegra turn her life around.

After an attack by her metahuman cousin, Esperanza, whose attacks Allegra had been framed for, she got a job interning at the Central City Citizen.

Allegra would later go on to investigate the mysterious organization that turned Esperanza into a killer and help Team Flash stop Bloodwork from turning Central City into his zombie-like minions.

Following the Crisis, Allegra assists in the investigation of the criminal organization, Black Hole. She later discovers that she had a counterpart that used to work for Nash Wells and became wary around him, though she eventually bonded with him over time.

Compton was promoted to the main cast for season 7. She was believed to have been killed during the original particle accelerator explosion, but was taken in, revived, and trained to become an assassin by Black Hole.

Following this, she made minor reappearances during a criminal gala held by Remington Meister, attacking Sue Dearbon for stealing a diamond with information on Black Hole, and being swayed to Eva McCulloch's side.

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For supporting characters of the comic book character, see List of Flash supporting characters. Wikimedia list article.

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The actor -- who played Ralph Dibny, AKA Elongated Man on "The Flash" for the past 3 seasons -- has been fired by the show over the years-old tweets, which included racist and misogynist language in what appears to a be a poor attempt at humor.

Sawyer's Twitter account has been deleted, but his old tweets began to circulate at the end of May. In one from , Sawyer says Many of his former tweets seem to also center around sexual assault and violence toward women, including this in -- "If I had a wife I would beat the hell out of her tonight lol.

A few more horrific examples, "Ice Breakers: all women should be in sex farms" and "Outside of the where I assaulted my ex-girlfriend lol.

This gem, from , had to make his coworkers feel great You get the point The CW and the production companies for the series say they've parted ways with Sawyer for season 7, saying Such remarks are antithetical to our values and polices, which strive and evolve to promote a safe, inclusive and productive environment for our workforce.

Hartley's issued an apology, saying I am ashamed I was capable of these really horrible attempts to get attention at that time.

I regret them deeply. Sawyer joined the cast of "The Flash" in , became a series regular in and appeared in 50 episodes.

Got a tip? TMZ Live. TMZ Sports. I regret them deeply. This was not acceptable behavior. These were words I threw out at the time with no thought or recognition of the harm my words could do, and now have done today.

Years ago, thanks to friends and experiences who helped me to open my eyes, I began my journey into becoming a more responsible adult — in terms of what I say, what I do, and beyond.

I am very sorry. For more information, visit Blacklivesmatter. Family wants to charge police after Black man dies in custody. Wingstop CEO sticks by plans for new stores, hires as industry struggles.

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Flash Star Retrieved February 23, Barry and the team later realize that the party who sent the Samuroid is stalking them and had strategically manipulated events surrounding Barry's Leverkusen Gegen Gladbach, creating twelve new metahumans in order to challenge them for a yet-to-be-known purpose. Archived from the original on March 7, Dwyer appears throughout the fifth season, attacking and killing metahumans, with Team Flash dubbing him "Cicada". Therapie Bei Spielsucht learns his actions have made vast differences to the timeline and he goes back in time again in an attempt to further restore the original timeline. Felicity Smoak portrayed by Emily Bett Piggy Bank Nz [51] is an Manjong Connect genius and a member of Oliver Queen's team; later his wife. Cisco also struggles to build a friendship with Harrison "H. Futon Critic. Nora West-Allen portrayed by Jessica Parker Kennedy ; main season 5; recurring season 4 is introduced as a mysterious girl with super-speed.


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